Monday, February 7, 2011

Let's try this again...

I have come to the conclusion that I suck at blogging. I rarely get on my computer long enough to blog!

That being said...I am going to try to post at least once a week!! I put my bodybugg back on about 3 weeks ago and so far have lost 15 pounds. While I should be so happy with this, I am disappointed that it's not more because I have been eating a little worse than I should be. I am working on being more prepared.

Today I worked from 730am until 730pm. I had to drop the baby off at daycare and then drive to the other side of town to pick him up after daycare (thankfully I have a family member who is awesome enough to pick him up on my long day). So I was able to make breakfast at home and planned out my snacks (albeit poorly today) and my lunch (a not so filling salad) and by the time I was leaving work, I ended up hitting a drive through because I was so hungry my stomach was making noises and I was feeling yucky. So I think I need to start making lunch AND dinner for my long nights. Now that I have an almost one year old, I need to get over the fact that I used to be able to come home and cook something. Now when I get home, I have to give the cat and dog their medicine, feed the animals, take care of the baby, and after he falls asleep, then I might have some free time. I can't wait until 9pm to eat dinner when I had lunch at next week I am planning on bringing both and we shall see how it works! I feel great and I don't want tonights drive through dinner (which didn't even taste good) to make me lose sight of how good I have done and how much self control I have had on the other days!